Flame resistant conveyor belts with metal insertion can carry heavy materials over long distances, in many difficult conditions . Flame resistance makes them ideal for working  in explosive conditions. Are used mainly in mining to transport  raw materials from the place of unloading excavator , but also in other fields.
Temperature for these conveyor belts is between -30 ºC and +70 ºC.
These belts are made according to DIN22131 -88.

Characteristics of the rubber covers:
Combustion tests are according to ISO 340 and by ISO 284 antistatic properties .
Strength classes available : ST 800, ST 1000, ST 1250, ST 1600, ST 2000, ST 2500, ST 3150, ST 4000.
Maximum width of these conveyor belts  is 2000 mm.


  • working temperature: -30…+70ºC

  • breaking strength: 200 daN/cm²,min

  • elongation at break: 400% min

  • abrasion resistance: 200 mm³, max

  • electrical resistance: 3×108  Ω, max

  • flame resistance: 45 secunde, max