Conveyor belts with textile insertion

BVH Rubber produce and selling conveyor belts with textile insertion the following types:


These conveyors belts  consist  several EP fabrics with several layers of mixture, resistant to abrasions … Details

banda rezist la flacara

Flame resistant conveyor belts prevent fire occurrence, have excellent flame resistance, and at the time of appereance … Details

rezist la temperatura2

When the temperature of the conveyed materials exceeds 60ºC, it’s more practical and economical … Details

rezist la ulei2

These conveyors belts  consists several layers, coated with elastomers extremely resistant at oils  … Details


These types of conveyor belts were printed on the upper cover some embossed obtained by contact … Details

banda alba buna 3

Food conveyor belts were specially conceived for conveying alimentary products as: fruits … Details