Rubber matts resistant at oils

BHV Rubber produce and selling rubber matts resistant at oils. Rubber matts resistant at oils are products which have at base the nitrile – butadiene rubber resistant to fuel. They can be manufactured also from a SBR and NBR compound resistant to mineral oils and vegetal fats. These are used in pyrotechnics workshops and explosives industry, at temperatures from -30 to +70°C.


Color Black
Hardness 0Shore A 50÷80±5
Haulage resistance kgf/cm2)min 75÷125
Elongation at break %,min 150÷450
Compression (24h x70°C),% max 20÷25
Modification of the volume (ΔV) after immersion % max
Fluid, B(70toluen/30izooctan); testing conditions, 22 h x40°C
ΔV,% 0……+30÷35
Working temperature, °C -25°C….+110°C