Electrical rubber matting


BHV Rubber produce and selling electrical rubber matting. The safety electrical rubber mat is used for temporary protection of the working staff during the digging in tranches, in the execution of cable sleeves of MT/JT. Electrical rubber matting can be used for covering the floors in power stations, engine room, electric cabs, industrial rooms etc. Does not have to be considered that they provide exclusively protection of the one using them, not even in low voltage installations. They are used always together with one or more electrical protections (electrical gloves, electrical gaskets and tools), being accessories for personal protection – same as electrical shoes (electrical boots).

The safety electrical rubber matts are manufactured according to IEC 61111/2009, Ed. 2.0, respecting the essential security requests specified in applicable standards.

Range of temperatures: from -5°C to +40°C.

The safety electrical rubber mat guarantees protection of the staff at the maximum using temperature of 26,5 KV, for which is manufactured and tested.

The mat has one rough side, anti slip and the other with broad ribs. On the surface of the mat are not allowed holes, cracks, protuberances, inclusions of foreign bellies and irregularities with the depth bigger than 1 mm. Are allowed cavities with depth of maximum 1 mm and the diameter of maximum 4 mm, located at minimum 30 cm one from the other.

 In section are not allowed material agglomerations, cracks, porosities or foreign bellies visible by the eye.


Color     Black/       Black/         black/        grey
Hardness 0Shore A      60±5/        60±5/         60±5/        60±5
Haulage resistance kgf/cm2)min          50/            50/            40/          50
Elongation at break %,min        250/          250/          250/           200
Tension resistance (V)    11000 V       15000V      20000V         45000V
Thickness, mm  6±0,75/ min 7,5, max.9,5/ min 5,max.9,5/ min 4,5, max.9,5
Working temperature, °C -30°C….+70°C