Neoprene bearings


BHV Rubber produce and selling neoprene bearings. Structural neoprene bearings, as SR EN 1337-3/2006, are used in closed superstructures such as roads and railway bridges, and other industrial works and propping. These devices are manufactured from neoprene and successive structures of steel sheets; they are used in temperatures ranging between -35°C and +70°C. Neoprene rubber mixtures used to manufacture the bearings ensure a good resistance to weathering, especially the action of ozone and sunlight, flame, against fungi, the action of inorganic acids, natural gas, oil, steam and organic acids.


u = width  h = height b = length n = number of layers of neoprene  tn=neoprene thickness  T = total thickness of the layers of neoprene nf = number of fittings valves Rc = tf = thickness of a vertical reactor unit – design values rn = vertical reaction on a device – and Ѳ normal U = maximum allowable deformations of computing tasks