Oil resistant rubber sheets


BVH Rubber produce and selling oil resistant rubber sheets. Oil resistant rubber sheets are products which have at base nitrile-butadiene rubber resistant to fuel. Can be manufactured also from SBR and NBR compound, resistant at mineral oils and vegetal fats. These rubber sheets are used in pyrotechnics workshops and also in explosives industry, at temperatures from -30 to +70°C.


Color Black
Hardness 0Shore A 50÷80±5
Haulage resistance kgf/cm2)min 75÷125
Elongation at break %,min 150÷450
Compression /24h x70°C),% max 20÷25
Modification of the volume (ΔV) after immersion % max
Fluid, B(70toluen/30izooctan); testing conditions, 22 h x40°C
ΔV,% 0……+30÷35
Working temperature, °C -25°C….+110°C