Rubber matts

BVH Rubber produce and selling rubber matts. Rubber matts are manufactured in a wide range of dimensions, thicknesses and colors.

The rubber matts are used covering floors in industrial halls, power stations, covering the worktables, covering the car floors etc.

Dimensional characteristics of rubber matts:

Length (mm): min. 10000 ±3%
Width (mm): 1000; 1200; 1300; 1400; 1500 ±2%
Thickness (mm): 2 – 40

rubber matts for general use

These rubber mats can be manufactured from SBR or SBR/NBR, SBR/CR compound. Are suitable for general applications … Details

electrical rubber matting

The safety electrical rubber mat is used for temporary protection of the working staff during the digging in tranches, in the execution … Details

fine ribbed rubber matts

The rubber mats can be delivered with textile impression on one side and with ribs on the other side. Surface irregularities … Details

rubber matts flame resistant

The safety electrical and flame resistant rubber mats are used for extra protection, to cover the floors of the buildings … Details

rubber matts resistant at oil

Are products which have at base the nitrile – butadiene rubber resistant to fuel. They can be manufactured also from a SBR and … Details