Rubber sheets

BVH Rubber produce and selling rubber sheets. Rubber sheets for general use are made of SBR, NR or SBR and NR compound, for applications which don’t requests special properties. Are used for water, air, alkaline solutions.

rubber sheets

Rubber sheets for general use with/without textile insertion are used, especially for obtaining gaskets of atypical dimensions … Details

Rubber sheets resistant at abrasion

Rubber sheets resistant at abrasion are used as friction coating for the driving drums of conveyors with belts, side protection of bunkers and … Details 

Oil resistant rubber sheets

Oil resistant rubber sheets are products which have at base nitrile-butadiene rubber resistant to fuel. Can be manufactured also from … Details

TPU rubber sheets

TPU rubber sheets have an excellent abrasion resistance to impact and to chemical products. The TPU foil represents a super … Details

Sandwich rubber sheets-tris

Sandwich rubber sheets-tris present an superimposed structure of 3 layers with different hardness and colors, with a very good  … Details

Rough top rubber sheets

Rough top rubber sheets are based on NBR are abrasion resistant and they have a surface model in relief. Are used to transport … Details