Rubber tiles

BHV Rubber produce and selling rubber tiles. Rubber tiles are becoming a product extremely  popular in our country . We have available a variety of colors, sizes and thicknesses depending on the application / purpose and need. Rubber tiles are obtained  from    rubber granules , by incorporating self-curing binder to high temperatures and pressures .
Thanks to innovative and ecological  technology,rubber tiles are the most stable  products based on rubber granules .


Dale cauciuc alveolare

Featured Application : playgrounds, courtyards , gardens , parks , alleys, horse stables etc. . Due to its special characteristic and the fact that the back is profiled , provide drainage and a comfortable walking surface . Top edges are rounded.


Dale cauciuc plane

Ideal for  pavage of gyms, gym fitness, for light traffic , terraces and balconies or wherever needed . Planes rubber tiles are known for their qualities, especially for the impact -resistance for heavy or bulky equipment and provides excellent protection of  floors to intense traffic .


Color: Both types of rubber tiles are entirely colored ,not only at the surface and are available in the following colors: black , red, green , mustard – yellow.

Culori Dale Cauciuc

Dimensions: Width x Length: 500 x 500 mm or 1000 x 1000 mm Thickness: 20-80 mm

Rubber tiles  covered with artificial turf

Dale cauciuc acoperite cu gazon artificial
Width x Length: 500 x 500 mm
Thickness : 20 – 45 mm
Height of the wire grass : 5-26 mm

Artificial turf is ideal for setting up sports surfaces , playgrounds for children and for landscaping gardens , courtyards , terraces.
With the introduction of producing of  rubber tiles covered with artificial turf , we offer a new product on the Romanian market . In addition to the general characteristics of rubber tiles , this tile is perfectly mimics the characteristics of natural grass with possible applications throughout the year , with low maintenance cost.

Hopsctoch rubber slabs

Sotron din dale de cauciuc                                                           Culori sontron dale din cauciuc
Colors : red , yellow, green -yellow
Width x Length: 500 x 500 mm
Thickness : 20 – 50 mm

Hopscotch from  rubber tiles can be used as separate game or can be applied between the new rubber tiles arranged / already made, building a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for children when playing in playgrounds, parks, kindergartens, schools, etc. .
Hopscotch is well known since ancient times and used by children around the world. There are hundreds of variations, but we strongly recommend hopscotch of rubber tiles because it reduces the number of accidents caused by slips and moisture. The tiles are numbered 1 to 8.

Rubber Border

Bordura Cauciuc                                                    Culori Dale Cauciuc
Dimensions: width x length x thickness : 250 x 500 x 40 mm

Border rubber is indispensable for any paving done correctly . Border elements produced by us  can be used easily and without any problem when surrounding rubber flooring ,to prevent accidents caused by lack of these elements. Rubber border is the perfect choice for defining , shaping , framing or separation  of the paved areas . Are applied  on  concrete , sand or gravel.

Rubber Tiles Accessories


For best results, couplings are only recommended when installing cellular rubber tiles(profiled) . Polyamide connecting pin is designed to avoid displacement of the rubber tiles . On the out sides  are implemented  4 pieces of 8 mm diameter .By mounting  the holes and the couplings, rubber tiles are  embedding each other , making the instalation  extremely practical  . If necessary , they can be easily removed and assembled in another part.

Bicomponent adhesive

We recommend the use of bicomponent adhesive  only on mounting the  rubber tiles flat and only on a solid layer . When mounting the rubber tiles  on concrete floors, the consume of adhseive comercialized by our company is 0.2 kg / sqm.The  volume changes due to temperature variation during installation must be taken into consideration.

Characteristics of rubber tiles

Slip and elastic
The ecological pavement, due to its anti- slippery surface reduces the risk of accidents. Rubber flooring provides maximum safety to users even if moisture or freeze / thaw .

Ideal for indoor and outdoor

Whether it is interior ( fitness room , stables for horses , etc.) or external (playgrounds, patios , parks, footpaths etc),rubber tile is the ideal solution for multiple applications.

Insulate heat and sound
Some of the more annoying things that can disturb you in daytime and sudden are  loud noises . Therefore, rubber tile is ideal for reducing annoying noises  in playgrounds, gyms, parks , etc. . But, in addition to superior sound insulation characteristics ,these tiles achieves a good thermal insulation while providing comfortable and pleasant walk.

Recyclable and environmentally
Rubber tiles are made of recycled rubber powder obtained by a process which converts waste tire rubber granules . Furthermore, rubber tiles can be recycled into something useful again.

The product consists granules of recycled rubber , mineral fillers and organic pigments . Therefore the materials used does not emit harmful substances and  does not harm the health and the environment.

Permeability is the property of  rubber tiles, by allowing the  water circulation through the ” gaps ” . The rubber flooring provides  a permanently  dry surface, so it is an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

UV resistant and temperature variations
For the subsequent floors or exterior disrupted due to the influence of temperature variation, the network UV, wind and even rain. Rubber tile is a practical, durable, does not change composition ultraviolet radiation generated nor deforms due to temperature changes (freeze / thaw) and Romanian climate.

Supports Heavy
In other words, the durabilty of the ecological paving explain  the extraordinary resistance to heavy loads. It is therefore recommended ,in high traffic areas where they can operate by foot, bike or car, etc.

Easy to install and maintain 
You can install even without advanced knowledge or without  hiring a specialist. Rubber tiles are easy to maintain and clean, without laborious maintenance.