Devices for speed limitation

BHV Rubber produce and selling devices for speed limitation. Devices for speed limitation on public roads aremanufactured as two types:

  • Type A – modular structure, end and central parts

  • Type B – hemispherical modules

Devices for speed limitation type A are made from rubber mixture and metal or textile insertion reinforcement in areas of fixing, with applied elements of reflective properties.

The slip and speed limiting devices type B are madeof bicolour rubber and metal or textile insertion.
They are used at temperatures between -40 and +70 ° C, also are resistant to air, ozone, water and atmospheric agents.

Middle module


Middle module


End module



Nr.crt Caracterisitc Unit measures Imposed values
1. Tensile strength, min. MPa 100
2. Break elongation,  min. % 200
3. Duritate, °Shore A 65-75
4. Tear resistance ,min N/mm 14
5. Permanent deformation at compresion, max(22hx70°C), max % 30
6. Resistance at accelerate aging (168hx70°C):
a) Loss from tensile strength  , max % -30
b)decreasing  AR , max % -50
c) increasing of hardness , max. °Shore A 15